ISTE Standard #1: Equity and Citizenship Advocate

Leaders use technology to increase equity, inclusion, and digital citizenship practices.

District-Wide Initiatives

Instructional Initiatives

Innovation Initiatives

Excavating Gifts Initiatives

A Monthly Broadcast showcasing student gifts across the district.

ISTE Standard #2: Visionary Planner

Leaders engage others in establishing a vision, strategic plan and ongoing evaluation cycle for transforming learning with technology. 

ISTE Standard #3: Empowering Leaders

Leaders create a culture where teachers and learners are empowered to use technology in innovative ways to enrich teaching and learning.

Mentoring Document used for Monthly Meet-ups for Innovation Projects.
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Social Media Initiatives

ISTE Standard #4: Systems Designer

Leaders build teams and systems to implement, sustain and continually improve the use of technology to support learning.

Communication Initiatives

Weekly email with Screencast/Slidedeck is sent out to all staff!

NC Tech Extension

NC Tech Site

NC Facebook Page

Systems Initiatives

ISTE Standard #5: Connected Learner

Leaders model and promote continuous professional learning for themselves and others.

  • GRREC Digital Learning Coach Meetings
  • KY EdTech Round Table
  • KYGODigital
  • EdTechTeam
  • ISTE
  • EdCampKY
  • TeachMeetKY
  • Innovations For Learning
  • KATE Summit
  • Twitter Chats: #KyTechChat, #KYLChat, #NCSChat…