They Are His

I thought about beginning this blog the exact opposite way (with an apology), but then I realized, I am going to stand strong on the words that are being typed…

My Inspiration

Walking in to another concert… I had the expectation of worshiping a great and almighty God, but nothing more… 5 minutes into a Q and A with the artists I knew this concert was not going to be an ordinary concert.

An audience member asked if there was going to be time for autographs… after the answer that she didn’t want to hear came out, she persisted to get a picture signed. She briefly shared her story… The picture wasn’t a $5 picture that you buy from the merch. table, it wasn’t a picture of her, it was a picture of her daughter with one of the artists, Jeremy Camp. At first, confusion set in… I wasn’t sure where her daughter was and why she wasn’t with her… then the mom continued to explain that her daughter was in her eternal home.  Being a mom, I was awed by the strength and power of this mom.  I honestly cannot fathom. She pulled out the picture frame and held it close to her.

The concert began…

I have been to enough concerts to know that the artists have a “set”… certain order of songs and talks that they are going to say, but this night was different. Jeremy Camp came out and began singing, which seemed like every other night on the tour, then he went above and beyond… stepped out of the “set”, and met the need of that mother… that one mother. He went to the bare minimum… he God-given voice and his guitar. He sang a couple of his older songs, “There Will Be a Day,” and “Walk By Faith.”  She held that picture in her hands raised in the air, weeping.  In the midst of this moment, I couldn’t help but be overcome with emotion.  A mom. Her child. No stronger relationship. After the song was over, he looked right at her, pointed, and whispered, “That was for you.”

He impacted that child’s life through his ministry. He impacted that mom’s life through his ministry. He went above and beyond for “that one story” in a filled sanctuary.

The Purpose

What is the purpose in me telling you this story… Our classroom is filled with “that one story.”  We, as educators, have to take “that one story” and build upon it… not because we are required to, but because we want too.

They are more than shadows… they are more than faces in a crowd… they are more than a human in a fast-paced world.  Our students are His.  Each one of them have their own story… they come with a story, and they should leave us with a stronger and longer story. A story of success. A story of growth. A story of learning. A story of love.

I am left asking myself…

What can I do to love that child even more?

What can I do to go above and beyond?

What can I do to build a firm foundation in that child’s life?

What can I be to that child?

What can I do to meet the need of “that one student?”

Love each one of them.

They are more than enough. They are more than another kid.

They are His.


 Children are a gift from the Lord; a child is a reward from Him.

Psalm 127:3

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