More Than You Think I Am


A view that we, as their supporters, mentors, guides, role models, should all embrace…
They are…
  • capable
  • talented
  • passionate
  • growing
  • learning
  • caring
It is time we look in and not focus on the out.

American Pickers

I will admit I have been watching the History show, American Pickers. A brief summary of the show… two guys travel around the US looking for stuff, yes, stuff… They look through “junkalanches.”  Sometimes they have leads, and other times they “freestyle.” What amazes me the most about the show is not the finds, but the ability to see past the judgement, past the preconceived notions. They have walked, crawled, climbed through structures filled with filth looking, looking for that one find. You can see that they are driven by passion, whether it is preservation or money.  The way we act, react, interact with our students shouldn’t be any different… we should look through their baggage looking for the find.

 Finding The Find

Throughout school, I only had a couple of teachers take time to look for my find. It is those teachers that i remember, who made the most impact on me, personally and professionally.
  • Finding the find takes time.
  • Finding the find takes patience.
  • Finding the find takes trust.
  • Finding the find takes going beyond.
Adding something else on your plate… yep!  There is a spark that develops within the classroom… connections are made…
Finding the find may be harder from one student to another. Some will let you in right away. Some will have a barrier. And, unfortunately, students are not used to their teachers looking for the find.
Finding the find is more meaningful than the great lesson you teach, an amazing STEM project you coach students through, or an assessment you give.

The Find

The find within a child could be anything. It could be a hobby, passion, connection, tangible, or concrete.
  • The find is priceless.
  • The find leaves an imprint.
  • The find brings knowledge.
  • The find exhibits impact.
The find shows individuality.  Every student will have their own find. It may be similar to others, but no two finds are the same. They may be in different conditions, serve different purposes, or withhold different characteristics.
The find shows reality. Bringing the find to the surface is an advantage for our youth.  Just imagine how different your life would have been to know your find at a young age.  How would your life have changed?

What now?

It’s simple…
  • Nurture the find.
  • Let the find breath.
  • Give the find opportunity.
  • Push the find.
Let the find in each student grow through exploration. This find means more to this child than you will ever know. We can only maximize the potential.

Let the find show off. Whatever or however it may be, the students should be able to showcase their find. 

Everyone of us has a find. Every child has a find.
Every student has a find.

Be a picker! 

Reach out and dig in because they are more than you think they are!

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