Look No Further… Just Look Around

Inspiration: the act of being inspired.

Every day we have the innate opportunity to be an inspiration to those surrounding us. However, we often look right past the opportunities because we are focused on the beyond.

Inspired: the act of feeling an urge to do something.

Every day we have the chance to be inspired by others that surround us. However, we walk past with a canned conversation.

Something: the act of knowing your passion.

Every day we have the ability to make something out of nothing. However, we are distracted by the effects.



There is no other characteristic that engulfs these three acts like selflessness. Selflessness can be shown in the smallest or the grandest ways…in the giving of time, covering a class, sharing of ideas, a note of impact, helping an injured student to the car… I think you get the idea. Why do we often lack selflessness? Why does America battle with selfishness, when selflessness provides a greater impact? Let’s ask Google… or not… 1.7 million results appeared.

Selfishness vs Selflessness

According to a blog written by Chassid, “It [selfishness] is not in a solid state: rather, it transforms based on the situation. More of an impulse, an animalistic part of ourselves that is always waiting to be tapped. Which is why it is so insidious, and why it does not, and will never, disappear from the human experience. Because as much as it is a philosophy, it is also our nature. It must be taught out of us, and even then, there it is, dormant inside of us, waiting for the right words or experiences to bring it out.”

I couldn’t agree more. We must fight. We must win the inner struggle because selfishness is the easy way out of many situations that we face. Whereas, selflessness takes thought and effort.


Selfishness brings about negativity, competition, ego-explosions, and lack of communication. All of these traits are detrimental to an organization’s vision and cohesiveness. Selflessness brings about care, respect, appreciation, and collaboration. Selflessness is rewarding. Selflessness is contagious. Selflessness is inspirational.



It is all about reflection. Are you at a place in your life where you can say you are selfless without hesitation? Honestly, I can’t answer this question without hesitations or What Ifs. Why? Growing up in a household of a single parent, I was taught to look out for myself first and foremost… as this mentality continued to develop, I sought confirmation for my “selflessness” acts. Which in turn, makes the acts selfish. In addition, I rarely had the opportunity to participate in selflessness acts in school; school was about grades and who the most popular kid was. Needless to say, this is an area where I need to continue to grow and develop.

The Now

As educators, we cannot replace parents, but we can provide opportunities. Opportunities to serve. Opportunities to locate selfless acts. Opportunities to inspire our future to be selfless.

We cannot rely on the world to teach our students to seek selfless acts; to be an inspiration to others, to be inspired, or to know their something that can assist in a selfless act.


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