All in… whole… full… 

Somewhat… Fraction… partly…

Nada… empty… zilch… extinct…

This past month I have been thinking of the word Fraction… more than the term that we hear in math class or in a store… like the literal meaning of FRACTION

Questions began to pop into my mind… do fractions signify the good, the bad? Do they show progress or loss? Are they something we should celebrate or resent?

The Whole

Being fulfilled physically and mentally is one of the most satisfactory feelings.  Gliding through life… knowing exactly what we want… feels like a dream to many. Unfortunately, in those times, we take the feeling of satisfactory for granted, but we are living in the minority.

Our whole will change. The things that make us feel whole will change.  We must adapt to make sure that we are not left wanting more, but that we are fulfilled. That may mean stepping out and standing out. That may mean accepting challenges that we once felt we couldn’t conquer. That may mean looking at past obstacles as an opportunity. We need to feel fulfilled.

The Part.

This is where most Americans live. Could you imagine if every person walking around had a gauge above their heads with the percentage of fulfillment they felt in that moment.  It would be a disaster… and quite depressing if you ask me.  

Recently, I heard a speaker present the fact that the old question, ¨Is the glass half empty or half full?̈ isn’t the proper way to view a cup at all.  He proceeded to say that no matter the amount of liquid content, a cup is always full. And I get that… but the liquid is tangible and visible… the air is transparent and invisible.  Liquid and air BOTH meets a need, but the liquid quenches a thirst. We long to have our thirst quenched and if it is not, we are left wanting more. 

With all this being said, we must realize that this is where risks come into play; where you see the presence of fear.  The innovators… the creators… the inquirests live in this zone as they continue to seek. 

The None.

There are times that I am scrolling through Hulu or Netflix looking for the next series to watch… anytime I get to one that has more than three seasons… I keep scrolling. I would rather watch none of the episodes than have the daunting task of playing catch-up or knowing I am only partially completed. I have been told… Don’t begin something if you can’t finish it

But what if we lived in this zone… the none.  Not trying anything for the fear of failure or the fear of letting someone down. We become complacent. We become like our neighbors. We feel stuck or reliant on others. We must refuse to live here.

After sorting out my feelings on the whole, the part, and the none… I have come to the conclusion that we need to:

Feel fulfilled by the WHOLE.

Seek the PART.

Question the NONE.


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