A Light in the Now

“Why would you want to be an administrator during this time?” A valid question. A question with inquiry. A question that made me pause. My recertification test to be an administrator is on my calendar for the month of February. Why? Why now?

The Now

Now is the time I have waited for. I have waited for a state of vulnerability. I have waited for a sense of humbleness. I waited for a state of appreciation. Most importantly, I waited for a restless time.

In the midst of these feelings, as parents and educators, we have one of two reactions: Inclusion or Exclusion.


The act of including and embracing. This allows us to step out of our comfort zone to become a better version of ourselves and those around us. As humans, we long for inclusion; from the youngest to the oldest. We want to be a part of something greater. We want to be in the “in-crowd”. We want to be informed. When we have the feeling of inclusion, we are satisfied.


The act of removing and distancing. Exclusion allows us to stay in our “safe” zone, whether it is what we want or need. This isolation can cause negative impacts on our mental and physical state. This act is what we cling to when change comes. This is what we cling to when things become out of our own control. This is what we do when we want easy. When we have the feeling of exclusion, we are satisfied in the moment.

Why Now?

Yes, I agree that the educational system has been turned upside down in the past 10 months. None of us knew what was coming. None of us knew how we would react. None of us knew how to navigate a global pandemic. And now… the unknown is still among us and will be. It is how we react that matters!

So, when I was asked the question, “why now?”… it was simple.

Now is the time to…

  • embrace the changes we have made in the educational system.
  • take risks for the sake of the school community.
  • provide opportunities to our school families.
  • view the connections to the community are invaluable.
  • try something new and different.
  • to grow.

We cannot go back to the way things were. We should have a whole new perspective to how teachers can teach, how strong parents can be, how learning can look, how districts can support, or how the community can help. We CAN be one!

I want to be a Light in the Now!

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