NCS Staff

You are wonderful and energetic. My favorite part of what you communicate is that k/1 kiddos are capable of doing these fun tech exercises. You give the kiddos credit and raise the bar for what can be expected!
Wish I knew about the traveling teaching you did earlier in the year…
You are amazing!! We LOVED having you come into our classroom! Thank you sooo much!!!
You have absolutely been my link to the Board, the rest of the district, and GOOGLE! Thank you so much for pulling (dragging) me along on my Google journey these past two years. I would never have attempted it without your positive encouragement and help. You are such an amazing asset!
Thank you so much for encouraging me to take risks, implement new technology in my classroom, and believing in me as I took the Google Level 1 certification exam. You brought knowledge and joy into my classroom with your monthly visits. It is not every day that students laugh and smile. They did this with you every time. Your excitement and passion is contagious.
I loved the interactive workshops that you did with students! It was exciting for students and it also taught me a lot also!!!
My kids always love when the robot lady comes into our classroom. Thank you for providing awesome experiences for my kids and for also giving me opportunities to grow!❤️
You are a true inspiration!!!!
I took more risks this year than I ever have before, all because of you! I cannot imagine doing my job without your support. You had be step out of my comfort zone far further than I thought I could, and I appreciate you for seeing the leadership in me that I didn’t know I had.
I would love to see Jamie more in my room helping the students- she was always able to make real connects to the students and help me learn as well as a staff member. She was always able to help bubble up the building when she was in the building and in the classroom. THANKS- Love ya Jamie!
My kiddos loved the chance to have Jamie in our room! We only got to have her once though because the spots filled up quickly. I wish there was a way to spread her time more evenly.
You really helped me to be more confident when it came to technology, especially with my kinders. Thanks for all you do!
I thought you did a great job especially with the certification PD I went To!
We need more of this every year. Technology is outside of my (I’m sure most teachers) comfort zone so having someone like you guiding us and helping us through it helps us grow as educators.
Loved when you came into classrooms! You were able to give my students experiences that I never would have been able to for lack of ability to get my hands on technology/robots/etc. that was used in student lessons. I wish I could have had you at least once a month!!
Jamie – you are a blessing. Thank you so much for all you do! My kids and I have especially loved you coming in and teaching up new things with technology. Those are experiences we would not have had otherwise.
Every time I came to PD or you came to my class, I walked away with something I could begin implementing immediately in my class! That’s never happened before! Thank you for helping this “experienced teacher” add some spice to her class!
You’re amazing and the kids thrive in your presence. You’re such an inspiration to them and drive them to be curious and questioning students. They have learned so much from you and are hungry always for your next visit. Thank you for inspiring young minds.
The students and I have learned a lot this year due to your leadership and expertise. We have truly enjoyed the experiences you have brought into our classrooms.
While I technically do not have a classroom, I was able to enjoy time that you were leading in other classrooms. Our students talk about these experiences long after you have left. They also express the desire to share these experiences with other (younger) students!
You taught me a TON this year!!! Before this year, I felt that my skills with technology (specifically the Google Apps for Ed) were average. I now feel so much more confident and empowered by my new knowledge of the apps and how to find resources that can help me when I run into problems. I feel totally different about where I’m at with my technology skills as an educator. It has inspired me to learn more and continue to grow in an area that has always been a bit intimidating for me. Thank you for that and for always bringing so much love and sunshine to our classrooms!!!
I love what you have done for the district!!
You were amazing this year, Jamie! I have learned so much in my first year at Nelson County Schools and that is largely due to your presence in my classroom and outside of the classroom. I feel like I have learned so much and I am excited to apply that knowledge even further next year. So thank you!!
You are an amazing asset to Nelson County Schools! Thank you for everything that you’ve done this year for teachers and for students!
I just want to make sure that the last couple of responses reflect that I loved it, not that it was bad because the number rating was switched.
I loved you being able to provide experiences for our students that otherwise would have been unavailable.
You have been such an inspiration and driving force for myself and others – please reach beyond wherever life guides you next year to continue mentoring
Thanks for all the help with Google Training and with my google site. Have a great summer!!!
Loved the technology PD’s and the meetings to help become google certified.
You rock! Always great to learn from someone who is confident in what they are teaching! Thanks!
You’ve done a wonderful job this year! You have been an inspiration to the students, teachers AND- your work ethic was second-to-none! Thanks for all you do!!!!!!!
Did an excellent job working with students! They loved when you visited the classroom!
I implemented some things that were discussed in PD/staff meetings. They went really well and I feel that my standards were covered better doing those things than the things I had originally planned for the year. Students gained experiences they would not have had otherwise.
I enjoyed our PLC meetings. I felt like I got some good stuff to use in my classroom.
I appreciate your enthusiasm and the clear way that you explained things to my Kinders.
You made technology accessible for teachers and students! Thank you for YOU!
Our students love when you come into our building. Your enthusiasm to teach and explore technology is contgious among our staff and students. Great Work!!!
Jamie’s instruction to educators and students is inspiring. She sparks curiosity, creativity, and passion in all she meets and provides multiple opportunities for exploration, play, and growth. Jamie is an asset to every classroom and has truly changed the lives of me and my students.
I am so impressed by the work you did this year, and change that you accomplished!
I love what you do. I love to see how much you inspire our kiddos everytime you walk in the building. You are very well regarded amongst staff and students. You are also my go-to technology gal!
You inspired our students to use technology in creative ways. You taught them to think critically and cultivated passions many knew they didn’t have. I appreciate you sharing your gifts with us. We were blessed.
The students always love when you come to the classroom.
I really enjoyed having you come into my class, and my students really did. It was obvious that they loved each visit.
You’re a rockstar!!
You are simply amazing! I have learned so much from you and my students have as well. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us!!! We will miss you.
I have learned so much from you over the past couple of years. I have really stepped out of my box as far as technology goes and I credit that to my experiences with you. Thanks everything! You are awesome!
You have been a blessing to me and my students. You have opened my eyes to innovative technology! Thank you!!
You are awesome! Never stop being you and don’t second guess your passion for kids and teaching! Let your passion spread like some kind of crazy outbreak that is good for people!  Your PDs were great and your approach to teaching adults is very effective.
Mrs. Jamie has been a great support and inspiration to my class!