They Will S.O.A.R.

How much do our students REALLY need us?


I believe there are 5 rules you must follow to allow your students to S.O.A.R.

Rule 1: Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock

It is all about timing.  Many times we step in too early in the exploration process. Let them have a chance to explore! We live in a time where patience is slowly disappearing.  Think about it… when you are in a fast food drive through, when you forgot something at home, when you have 2 items to checkout in Walmart…

My Suggestion

This is one way that I remind myself to allow the students TIME…

This is the techy poster…
This is a mixture of techy and talk…


Rule 2: Who Are You?

We must KNOW our students.  They are all different in their own ways.
  • When will they reach the edge?
  • How do they feel about failure?
  • What is their tolerance level?
  • Where are they on the “needy” spectrum?

My Suggestion

Challenge them. Observe them. Place them in “character-telling” situations. How will they react?

In February, I saw an opportunity for the students to begin Random Acts of Kindness.  They would plan, carry-out, and reflect on their RAKs.

RAK Hyperdoc

Rule 3: I  See You. Do You See You?

Confidence. This is hidden word for some of our students.  Who hides confidence in your class? Some students are naturals and some are not. The students who show confidence, we must continue to allow them to build on that confidence by pushing them beyond their comfort zone.  For those students who lack confidence, we have to give them opportunities in their comfort zone and slowly begin to push them out.

My Suggestion

My students are teaching other students in various classes around our school.

Rule 4: Which Way?

Some kids like a straight path with a give me and I will do attitude. On the other hand, some kids like the adventure of a curvy path with a I will do attitude. You should now which way your students would travel. Sometimes this path with change with a growth mindset. Sometimes students that you feel would travel one way, want to travel the other way.

My Suggestion

Talent Shows tell a lot about students.  Who will participate? Who will want the support of a group? Who will want to tackle this alone? Who will follow through? Who will give-up?

Rule 5:  Open Doors

Open doors are inviting. They ignite curiosity. They bring about new adventures. They can make us feel safe. Open doors are the key to allowing our students to SOAR.  Our classroom should extend beyond the boundaries of the classroom.

My Suggestion

You never know until you ask.  In order to open doors for my students, I ask. I ask for support from our community, businesses, and families.

Just this month, we had a chat with Wave 3 Meterologist, Brian Goode.  Why? For those few students who aspire to be or are curious about meteorology.

ALL students deserve to have the opportunity to be the PILOT…

STEP Back and allow them to


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