Open Doors

You will be amazed at the gifts you find when you open doors.

In our childhood, we are exposed to the idea of manners and how we should hold open the doors for others. Why? Because it is nice, polite, respectful… 

When you see an open door, what are you inclined to do? For me, all my senses are activated! I usually peek in, listen for voices, questions dance through my mind… if I am intrigued… I walk in!

When you see a closed door, what are you inclined to do? Ummm… I walk right past, not even thinking twice. My attention stays straight and I continue with my day. 

Education is NO different… Let’s take a look at this from a student’s perspective.

The Meaning of Open Doors

Open doors are inviting. They are inviting students to explore, inquire, wonder, pursue gifts and passions. Open doors create trust. They show transparency and give the students the notion of optimism. Open doors allow experiences. They guide the students through uncharted territories and give them the chance to make decisions. Open doors mean more than we realize.

benefits of open doors

One word: EXPOSURE.

Exposure allows students to…

  • try new things
  • learn new things
  • potentially fail and recover
  • search for their passions
  • communicate
  • reassure dreams

You never know when you might tap into a student’s gift by providing an open door for them.

 Find Open Doors

We have to be on the outlook for open doors. We have to be willing to say, “YES” to open doors. We have to walk through open doors with our students. Open doors are out there… and this generation that we are teaching need them!

the Rewards of Open Doors

Every day, I hope that I provide students with open doors.  As the Digital Learning Coach, I am able to travel to schools and provide open doors. However, doors are being opened for students around the district.  Check out my top three!

The Technician Shines

Meet Noah. He is an elementary student who is passionate about technology.  Beth Crowe, the Library Media Specialist, has opened a door for him by allowing him to be on the school’s news program.

Noah’s segment begins at 0:13 and ends at 0:59.
The Pianist Shines

Meet Emily and Emma.  She is a middle school student who is passionate about music. TJ Metcalf, her Band Director, opened the door for them to connect science with music and show off their talent.

The Meteorologist Shines

Meet Randy. He is a high school student who is passionate about lots of things, but being a meteorologist is at the forefront. Thanks to Brian Goode, with Wave3 News, Randy was able to see behind the scenes, ask as many questions as he wanted, and watch a live broadcast. Jessica Sparrow, the Library Media Specialist, opened the door of opportunity.

How are you opening doors for our future because the world is waiting?

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