This Little Light

This Little Light of Mine,
I’m Going to Let it Shine…

Growing up I used to sing the song, This Little Light of Mine. I would bellow the words while in the car, in children’s church, in the store… practically anywhere! As we all know the lyrics (you are probably singing it in your head now… your welcome) and the biblical meaning of the song, have you ever thought about how applicable the lyrics are from the perspective of us walking through our everyday life.

Lights are built into many of the American Holidays; from fireworks to the lighting of pumpkins on porches to the lights strung on the Christmas trees… lights are iconic.

Lights are built into our everyday lives; from the lights on our cars to the lights outside of a restaurant to the lights on emergency vehicles… lights display meaning.

Lights are built into our world; from the stars at night to the dancing northern lights to the sun and moon playing peek-a-boo… lights have a purpose.

Most importantly, lights are built into us… figuratively speaking.

The Power of Light

If you were to look out into a crowd and imagine everyone is a light, what types of lights would you see? Colorful, radiant, blinding, blinking, shimmering, fading, dim, or darkness. How would those lights affect you? Who would you migrate to and mingle with?

Shining Brightly

Being Bold. Being Brave. Being a Risk-Taker. Being Optimistic. Being Together. Being Beyond.

You know people like this. People who live life to the fullest. People who you enjoy being around. People who think of others before themselves. These are the people we want to be around.

Shine your light for the whole world to see.

Dimly Lit

Being Anxious. Being Indecisive. Being Nervous. Being Careful. Being Safe. Being “Just”.

You know people like this too. People who hear, but do not act. People who believe, but are too scared to speak up. People who settle for mediocracy. These are the people who need to be surrounded by a radiant light.

If you light a lamp for someone else, it will also light your path.


Being Afraid. Being Negative. Being a Gossiper. Being Comfortable. Being Exclusive. Being ONE.

Unfortunately, you know people like this too. People who stay to themselves. People who bring about negativity and pessimism into gatherings and conversations. People who would rather stay the same. There are the people who need to be guided by the radiant lights.

At times our light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person.

I am sure you know these questions were coming… which light are you? Which light do you encourage your students to be? What types of lights do you associate yourself with?

How can you let your little light shine?

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