Is anything ever finished? Google defines the the word, finish as bringing (a task or activity) to an end or to be complete. In John, we read, “When He had received the drink, Jesus said, “It is finished.” With that, he bowed his head and gave up his spirit.” Jesus was certain of what was coming. He knew his work was complete here on Earth. He knew this step was necessary. What can we learn from His actions?


We are plagued with the uncertainty of life. Not knowing what is going to be around the next turn. Not knowing how we are going to feel. Not knowing how we are going to react. Not knowing who is going to be with us. Why? Because we are humans. We all travel through life in various ways from barreling to tip-toeing and feeling uncertain.


Who is to say when something is complete? Definitely, not us. If you are anything like me, this is a hard one and sometimes I get bit by the “Humble-Bug”. This moment in time reminds me of the process of purchasing a house. The outside of the house is cozy and comfy and we decide to make a couple of changes only to realize there are larger problems that lie within the walls of this once cozy and comfy house. We get comfortable were we are and then the wrecking ball swings and knocks us off the path we were headed down. Nothing is complete.


Realization of change is hard. Why? Initially, we feel like if we are forced to jump into uncharted territory, everything will be against our being and our purpose. Is it necessary to become finished? This is where knowing His purpose for you is a must. This is where knowing how to adapt to a situation to continue pursuing that purpose is convenient. This is where knowing how to leave all assumptions behind you and focus on the forward. Change is necessary.


Jesus was NOT defeated! We will not be defeated! He is still working on us and creating us into the masterpiece He needs us to be. We do not have the knowledge or time to feel defeated. We have the most powerful Father in our corner. He is always there for us and we must continue to hold on to Him because God is greater than any situation we may face here on Earth. I am only STRONGER because of You!


The day will come where our God will look at our life and say, “It is finished.” It is up to us to trust in the process and journey to get to that point pursuing His purpose for us here on Earth; not focusing on the uncertainty, being uncomplete, and the unnecessary. I will not be defeated for you hold my life journey in your hands.

I am unfinished!

He started something good
And I’m gonna believe it
He started something good
And He’s gonna complete it
So I’ll celebrate the truth
His work in me ain’t through
I’m just unfinished

Lyrics From MANDISA, Unfinished

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