Cruise Control

Are roads needed? Yes.

Are straight and curvy roads needed? Yes.

Are wide and narrow roads needed? Yes.

Are smooth and bumpy roads needed? Yes.

What if tomorrow morning you woke up to a world with no roads? Would you freeze or travel?

What if tomorrow morning you woke up to a world with missing roads? Would you still seek your destination?

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Everyday we drive a circle. One of my circles… to work in the morning and home from work in the evening. Notice I said EVERYDAY… it is a routine. My mind and body is on Cruise Control!

Cruising Along

I am not one to be cursed with the label “road rage” until someone makes me come off of cruise. It’s inconvenient. It’s frustrating. It takes thought. It takes additional effort. In that moment, I have to make a plan and decisions. Life is no different. School is no different. Work is no different. We just cruise along.

The What Ifs

What if…

  • we pause and look around?
  • we go in a different direction?
  • we stop and choose the unknown?
  • we do not prepare or plan every step?
  • we shake things up?

The what ifs are applicable everywhere we travel in our life journey.

The Effect of Cruising Along

On us and others…

  • Complacency: the feeling of being okay with mediocrity.
  • Selfishness: the holding on to an idea that may not be in everyone’s best interest.
  • Tunnel Vision: the choosing to be focused on the end goal and NOT the process.
  • Loss of Interest: the feeling of being “stuck” and lacking of a passionate force.
  • Wandering: the choosing to be absent in the moment by not seeing or listening in a clear manner.

I know more than anyone that we need routines in our daily life because they make life more efficient. So, I am not saying DO NOT ever be on cruise control… However, living on cruise control is not healthy for you or those who surround you.

So, Now What?

  • Make an addition to your routine.
  • Surprise yourself or others with a treat.
  • Go a different way to work or to soccer practice.
  • Have a conversation with someone you normally do not talk to.
  • Change your environment.
  • Do something “out-of-order”.
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Why? To peak interest, creativity, and inquiry.

Refuse to use it and go on an adventure no matter how small or big!

Sometimes a break from your routine is the very thing you need.

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