Dana Cull, Principal of Boston School

April 22, 2019

I am honored to recommend Ms. Jamie Chenault as a highly skilled leader of innovation. She has served as our district’s Digital Learning Coach since 2017. During that time, she has proven to be a catalyst for igniting innovative teaching practices across the district. The impact she has had on our students and staff in the work of igniting passion and uncovering gifts has provided positive and relevant learning experiences for all.

Ms. Chenault has cultivated leadership in multiple arenas. Her work to develop and support numerous teachers and students in attaining google certification has impacted multiple community members within our district. In addition to school employees, several high school students, as well as a group of middle school students from my school, attained this distinction designed for teachers.

As a leader of professional learning, Ms. Chenault’s work with teachers over the past two years has driven a desire to ignite passion within students and confidence within educators to deliver an array of experiences with her support. These initiatives have empowered teachers to reimagine learning experiences within all content. Ms. Chenault has given our staff the confidence and the support necessary to support students in new and innovative ways. She has offered everything from virtual reality to robotics experiences for students.

Ms. Chenault was also an instrumental lead in the development of the district one-to-one initiative and roll out for 2018. I had the privilege to work within the team and witness the vision come to life. Much of that work was driven by her knowledge and passion for creating authentic, engaging experiences for all students. She is an excellent team member who listens and responds within the group while also offering great insight and valuable perspective from her experiences in the classroom.

In addition to the Chromebook initiative, Ms. Chenault has led various innovative learning experiences for the students in my school. We are a kindergarten through 8th-grade school and her ability to provide experiences for students at all levels is outstanding. Much of this work has further developed leadership within students throughout the district. Often high school students join and support these experiences with younger students. Our older students also support the youngest students through service leadership in those classrooms.

It is without reservation that I recommend Jamie Chenault as a high quality and innovative educator. She is a leader of leaders. She is an asset to the profession who will positively impact students and staff as she empowers others and spreads her gifts of innovation throughout school or district. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.