Heather McGlone, Parent of 1st and 6th Grader

Jamie Chenault has changed the way my kids think!  They have new, creative ideas and they talk about technology, using an amazing vocabulary.  I have a 1st grader and a 6th grader,  and the conversations they have on the way home from school on a Mrs. Jamie Day are so exciting.  They have both learned similar technologies from class time spent with Ms. Jamie, but used it in totally different ways.  My 1st grader is creating google slides to present his research (even for the fun of it at home) and love to code and make Stop Motion Movies.  My 6th grader is Google Certified now and uses all the google apps in her daily lessons.  She can easily make a video to show students or teachers how to use the apps.   All of this is because Mrs. Jamie has been a part of their education this year and instilled a unique sense of curiosity and wonder in them.