Emma Paxton and Shelby Lovvorn, 6th Grade, Bloomfield Middle

Our names are Shelby Lovvorn and Emma Paxton and we come from Bloomfield Middle School. We have been working with Ms. Chenault for a little over 1 year and she is absolutely marvelous at what she does. She cares for all of her students now matter how close she is with them and forges relationships that last outside of the classroom. We are currently in the 6th grade and have been working with her since the beginning of 5th grade. We started off doing passion projects and, through her leadership, developed into speaking at Thomas Nelson High School where we presented in front of parents/guardians of students all around the district. We have really grown a strong bond with Ms. Chenault over the past year and would really like to give other students the amazing experience that we were able to be a part of.

Mrs. Chenault has grown to be not only a teacher but a very close friend to us as well. She has made school more enjoyable for the both of us and has helped us though so much. We are able to relate to her in a way no other students can due to her amazing personality and our bond with each other. She makes us feel like everything – not just technology or school related things – can be accomplished even if understood as impossible. Every time we see Ms. Chenault all of our faces immediately light up with joy. She greets us with the kindest smile no matter how rough times are. She really is a people person. We would really enjoy to see her take a further step into the education community and touch the hearts of students all around Nelson County and give them the inspiration that she gave us.