Parents of 3rd Grade VLA Students

Ms. Chenault is a wonderful teacher, who keeps kids interested and motivated to learn by knowing what they like and using it to teach a lesson. Whether it’s angles in Minecraft or geography through Google Earth, Ms. Chenault thinks outside of the box in keeping kids engaged. This year she went above and beyond her classroom duties and created a weekly Challenge group lesson for the Gifted kids in the virtual class. Lessons included learning about Augmented Reality and technology to experience it, podcasts; from what they are all the way to creating their own and much more. My son looked forward to these lessons each week. Ms. Chenault would be an asset to any district, especially in a role as Gifted and Talented teacher as she really understands what can motivate kids and then challenges them to venture outside their comfort zones, get creative, work together and not give up even if they don’t get something the first time.
Kristyn Sornat (parent of 3rd Grade Virtual Student)

Ms. Chenault is the best teacher ever because she makes schoolwork fun!
Beauen Sornat (3rd Grade Virtual Student)

We would very highly recommend recommend Jamie Chenault. With three kids in school and many teachers through the years we have never been more impressed with a teacher. Her creativity and rapport with students and parents alike is the best we’ve ever seen. She goes above and beyond in making each student feel special and challenges and inspires them according to their own strengths and learning styles. We wish all of our kids could have her as a teacher. My daughter has never been more confidence or excited about school and learning. -The OLeary Family

I am recommending Jamie Chenault for the Gifted and Talented Coordinator position. My son was lucky enough to have Jamie as a third grade virtual teacher this past school year at Harmony Elementary, and this has been our best experience with any teacher we have had thus far. Jamie goes above and beyond for each and every one of her students. She teaches them not only where they are at academically but challenges them just enough to help them grow. She has innovative and creative ways to teach and makes sure each student gets the individual instruction they need to be successful. She teaches the curriculum they need but also thinks outside the box to show them new opportunities that they would not normally have with public school. My son has been in Primary Talent Pool and is on track to be in our Gifted and Talented Program and he could not have had a better teacher to position him for this opportunity. She truly goes above and beyond, cares so deeply about her students and helps them be their best self. She would be a remarkable addition to any school. -The Keller Family