The Compass of a Leader

Left. Right. Forward. Backward. North. South. East. West. The directions of life. At any moment in time, we are moving in a single direction, but what is our purpose? Who is surrounding us? What is surrounding us?

As a child, I can remember hiding under the circular clothes rack thinking I was being wise… while my mom thought I was lost. She would franticly look for me. As a leader, being lost is unbearable. Walking toward the unknown is unbearable. Feeling lonely is unbearable. So, let’s look around and reflect on what is standing in front of us, next to us, and behind us.

Visualizing the North…

Who is here and why?

The future. The unknown. The uncontrollable. ALL SCARY, right? But through all of that, I see my mentors. Those who I think of when I make decisions. Those who have instilled in me life-lessons. Those who have captured a piece of my heart. Those who make me a better and stronger version of myself. I just keep looking and running toward them.

To inspire. To guide. To encourage. They are paving the way for me. They have traveled the road before me. They have learned from mishaps and struggles. I need them there for safety and inspiration; as a reminder that I need to seize every moment that I face. I reach, but it always seems they are an arms-length away and I am okay with that as they are encouraging me to keep moving ahead.

Visualizing the East and West…

Who is here and why?

The now. The choices. The navigation. Walking with me are my family, my colleagues, and my friends. A group of leaders with various gifts and experiences who form a unique masterpiece. Those who remind me that being in my comfort zone is not growing. Those who stand by and support the choices I make. Those who set a standard.

To support. To listen. To travel with. They are right next to me when I have a need. They are who I am connected too. They are the ones who listen when I seek advice. They stay close because in a blink of an eye, we may need one another. They keep me humble by keeping me on my toes. They are my tribe.

Visualizing the South…

Who is here and why?

The reflections. The past. The experiences. Looking back are the leaders in training, in which I am mentoring. Those who continue to look ahead. Those who play seek and find to explore what is the path they are going to follow. Those who I am able to shine a light on.

To push. To learn. To reach. Inspiring them with my passions. Guiding them with my successes and failures. Covering them with a sense of safety. Encouraging them to keep moving forward into the future, the unknown, and the uncontrollable. I refuse to let doubt cloud my way. I must keep moving north.

The cyclical compass of a leader is needed by all. It is imperative that we find ourselves in the midst of all locations because every direction has a purpose. So, I leave you with this one thought…

Who is there for YOU and why?

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