Toni Ice, Parent of 3rd and 8th grader

May 2, 2019

As a parent, I am always excited when my daughters are enthusiastic about what they have learned or participated in at school. Even better are the days they are eager to share without me asking.  Days when Mrs. Jamie has visited are always those days. I have a third grader and an eighth grader who have both had multiple opportunities to learn and explore with Jamie Chenault.

My third grader has excitedly talked about programing robots, using Stop Motion, using Screencastify, and interacting with other programs and manipulatives that I can’t even remember.   She recently used some of her skills to teach Google Drawings to teachers, parents, and community members at a technology event that Mrs. Jamie helped to coordinate.

My eighth grader has explored with Ozobots used for coding, Cubelets, Stop Motion, and other tech toys and programs.  She said that Mrs. Jamie makes technology fun and not just for producing school work.

Both of my daughters were intrigued with Stop Animation and even came home and worked together to create videos. During a recent non traditional instruction day, Mrs. Jamie pushed both out of their comfort zones to teach educators about Stop Animation and Flipgrid in a Google Hangouts session!  

Jamie Chenault has and will continue to inspire children. Her love of kids and technology is a great combination that will prepare students for the world around us that continually grows, advances, and creates new technologies everyday.